id rather be vain than learn to hate myself again

Saturday Aug 8 @ 01:16am

Saturday Aug 8 @ 01:12am


You deserve to date someone who’s proud to be seen with you. Who holds your hand in public and tells their friends about you. Not someone who hides you away and is ashamed. Remember that.

Saturday Aug 8 @ 01:09am

Someone come pack for me I’m too tired to do it now after cleaning my room.

Friday Aug 8 @ 11:38pm


Client: Do you do lemonade?

Me: Do we do… lemonade?

Client: Yes, I was told you do that here.

Me: I’m sorry, this is a graphics and print shop.

Client: I know that. I’m not an idiot. 

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to -  

Client: Look If you can’t lemonade these papers for me then I’ll go somewhere else!

Me: Do you mean… laminate?

Friday Aug 8 @ 11:32pm


white people dislike white people more than anyone else

Friday Aug 8 @ 10:43pm


Seriously tho, fuck what other people think/say about your body.
You are glorious my friends.

Friday Aug 8 @ 09:27pm


are you ever just like “lol white people” but then you’re like “wait i am a white people”

Friday Aug 8 @ 09:23pm

Friday Aug 8 @ 09:21pm

Friday Aug 8 @ 09:20pm


feel bad 4 ppl who haven’t kissed me

Friday Aug 8 @ 08:36pm
I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things. The world becomes softly blurred, and I feel like I melt right into it. Hanamoto HagumiHoney and Clover   (via owls-love-tea) Friday Aug 8 @ 05:29pm

Read this way out of context.


Read this way out of context.

Friday Aug 8 @ 04:47pm

Officially off for a week now and leaving for Canada on Sunday.

Friday Aug 8 @ 03:26pm

sweetheart back home. favorite should not leave for long.


sweetheart back home. favorite should not leave for long.

Friday Aug 8 @ 03:22pm

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